By now you're all aware of the new name; CrossFit High Bar. The name "High Bar" can mean many things. At its most superficial level, it is where we hold the bar when we do back squats. It also can be seen as a mark of quality, setting itself above the competition. For each of us, it is the goal that motivates us to be better. CrossFit High Bar will be successful if it provides the best hour of our members' day. In doing so, we will hold ourselves to a high standard and will promote and adhere relentlessly to the following values: 

Encourage and celebrate the success of others before ourselves 

Be approachable and embrace all those who cross our threshold. 

Master good technique, consistently, before adding intensity in everything we do. 

Meet the members where they are and help them get where they want to be. 

The Future:

With regard to our future, we'll focus on #3; virtuosity. In CrossFit movement, it is being dedicated to form before anything else. In business, it is making sure your core offering is excellent before adding to it. With extreme bias, we happen to think that our coaching and offering IS excellent…however, we know that there's always room to improve. For now, we will focus on our core; group classes. We won't water down that service but over time we would like to build upon it by adding: 


  • Nutrition coaching  

  • Personal and small-group training 

  • Specialty seminars (weightlifting, gymnastics, etc) 

  • Investment in recovery tools and services 

  • Partnering with professionals in adjacent categories (chiropractic, massage, yoga, orthopedic, etc) 

  • Community Days - find ways to involve those less fortunate members of our community who don't have access to fitness. USE our fitness to improve the community. 

  • "Field Trips" (open to bring friends) - trail run at Audubon or Angel Mounds, ruck carry down the greenway, bowling, yoga in a park, hiking weekends, or even a whitewater trip. The options here are endless. 


We'd love to add everything at once but we will stick to our core first and add as we go. If you have suggestions, please let us know!