1.  Be on time. Classes starts promptly at the scheduled time. If you’re late, don’t be shocked if we ask you to do burpees or lip-sync to Journey. More than 10 minutes late? You missed the warm up, take the next class


2.  Abandon your ego, bad attitude, emotional issues, and any other baggage at the door. This is a drama free zone and we are here to TRAIN. Be optimistic, have fun, and push yourself and those around you to do better!


3.  Be respectful of coaches. Our coaches are here to make you better so don’t take offense when they correct movement, call no reps, or scale and modify for you, this is training and how you improve!


4.  Safety and quality movement are paramount here followed by intensity. Concentrate on moving well first, THEN moving heavy loads or progressing to a higher level skill.

5.  Accidents and injuries will happen and usually come from a lack of patience. Don’t be greedy, slow down, decrease the load, and take your time to progress. Training SMART is not being weak.

6.  Keep an accurate count of your reps, but scale and modify as necessary. If you lose count, the next number is always 1. CrossFit naturally breeds competitiveness, but don’t cut reps or short range of motion to earn a better score. The only person you are really competing against each day is yourself.

7.  Treat the facility and equipment with respect and clean up after each WOD. Don’t abuse equipment, metal objects like empty barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells should not be dropped. Clean up includes equipment, chalk, dirt, DNA, and anything else you bring into the gym.

8.  Be consistent and come to class regularly. Training consistency is essential to your success as an athlete. No matter how experienced you are, you can benefit from coaching, drilling the basics, and training in a supportive group environment.

9.  Train your weaknesses. CrossFit is about developing well-rounded and balanced athletes so avoid cherry picking WODs because you don’t like them, many times they are exactly what you need.


10.  Be a part of the community and respect and support other members! Know the names of the athletes sweating beside you and introduce yourself to newcomers. Cheer on and encourage other athletes before, during, and after the WOD. The last athlete to finish is just as important as the first!