• 1+ Years of CrossFit Experience

  • Pass mandatory CrossFit 8085+Performance Test

  • Competition experience (Individual / Team / CF Open / CFK9, etc) strongly suggested

  • Awareness related to proper warm up and mobilization

​Classes Meet:

  • Saturday mornings @ 9 AM

  • Competition oriented programming with an emphasis on advanced skills and olympic lifting.

  • The performance class is included in the regular membership fees.

  • NOTE: Additional class times may be added at cost in the future depending on participation and the level of interest.

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Membership Details & Benefits:

CrossFit 8085+Performance will include competition oriented programming with a higher degree of intensity, complexity, and volume compared to regular group classes. The Saturday performance class will be geared toward competitive CrossFit athletes that have 1+ year(s) of CrossFit experience and have been regularly attending 4-5 classes per week. Performance athletes must also have the capacity and ability to pass a mandatory skills test.


5/3 Handstand Push Ups

5x R/L Alt. Pistols

2/1x Ring/Bar Muscle Ups

10/5x Ring Dips**

10/7x Toes to Bar**



Squat Snatch 1x 145/100

(or .85/.75x bw)

Squat C&J 1x 205/130

(or 1.2/1:1x bw)

Back Squat 1x285/185

(or 1.6/1.35x bw)

Body weight (bw)

percentages based off 

175# male / 135# female


 50 double under < 1 minute


1000m Row

50 Thrusters 45/35

30 Pull Ups

Time Limit: 10/12 min


For Time

800m Run

30 Squat Cleans 135/95

30 Pull Ups

Time Limit: 10/12 min