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Personal Training

It all starts with Personal Training!

Everyone is in a unique place on their fitness journey. Through our 1:1 sessions, we will work with you to map out your goals and the steps we will take to achieve them. There is no cookie-cutter approach to this so it all starts with a conversation. Once we have a game plan, we will begin equipping you with the tools you need to have a sustainable and long-term relationship with your health.

CrossFit High Bar equipment of bumper plates bars and rig
Personal Training
CrossFit women competiting in a rowing event

CrossFit On-Ramp

Learn the basics of CrossFit. Whether you complete the course one on one, with a buddy, or a group of friends, CrossFit can be modified for any fitness level. 

What to expect

  • 5 Sessions

  • 1:1 Personal Training or Group Option of 3+ People

  • Intro to "What is CrossFit?" 

  • Intro to Foundational/Functional Movements

  • Nutrition & Goal Setting Session

  • After graduating, move directly to any daily CrossFit class!


Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition doesn't have to be all or nothing! I'll help you set good, sustainable habits for life.

Don't struggle on your own. Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert personalized coaching and accountability from Julie Christian

What you get

  • Personalize Goal Setting

  • Accountability & Support

  • Holistic/Habit-Based Approach

  • App for Daily Check-In & Goal Related Resources

  • Weekly Check-In w/Julie

  • Monthly InBody Scan (weight/measurements)

  • Private Facebook Group


High energy, interval training that is structured so that anyone, at any experience level, can jump right in! The main focus will be on a quick calorie burn in a fun environment.  

Every day will be different and use a combination of body weight, dumbbells, barbells,... and anything else Chelsey thinks of to help build POWER!

Classes start October 2nd!

What to expect

  • Varied Intervals packed into a quick hitting class

  • Functional Cardio Movements

  • Strength and Toning Focus

  • High intensity for all day calorie burn

  • Boost mood and metabolism 

  • Workout can be performed by anyone at any fitness level with modified movements.

Power with Chelsey
Kids N Action group high five after class

Kids 'N Action

Kids class for ages 3+

The class meets on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00am. The cost is $10/child. Coach Richard puts the FUN in functional fitness.

Kids 'N Action
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