Saturday's WOD - 5k Trail Run

Fall Challenge


John James Audubon State Park. Just over the bridge on the left in Henderson.!userfiles/aParkBrochures/Maps/JohnJamesAudubon.pdf


Saturday October 10th. Start time is 9:00; please arrive 10 minutes early to park and make your way to the trail head.


Meet at paved trail head (parking at park office or museum). There will be a sign in sheet prior to the start. Please make sure and sign in so we know to keep the clock going until everyone is back. You will record your time on this sheet as well.

We’ll start a running clock and enter the woods on a hiking trail. Before the start we will go over the route. For the first quarter mile you will follow Trenton to the first hill; after that feel free to pass him as the rest of the course is just one big loop where you always go left when given the option.

We are CrossFitters, so don’t expect a boring charity 5k your grandma could walk. There will be times of flat but mostly you will be embracing the suck. The distance will be less than 5k but it’s 80% trail so do not show up in Nano’s or Chuck T’s; wear some regular running shoes with some grip. As CrossFitters, we are a community so it’s encouraged to pick a partner and push each other through the course.

A little weather won’t stop us so don’t go back to sleep if you see a little rain outside. If fall brings any lightning, however, we will consider a reschedule at a later date.

Contact Trent for more info.

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