+Performance 5/14/2016

Congrats to all our new Performance Athletes that passed the Test!

Jarred Stuckey

Jessica Ryan

Hunter Wigington

James Godbold

Nick Faith

Joe Price

Matt Fischer

Dennis Martin

Ryan Marsh

Kyle Reel

Tom Collins

Clint Mobley


HSPU skill work

5x10 - Hollow Body Hips to Rings Drill


e90s for 9 min

Beginning at 65-70%, work up to a heavy 5-rep T&G Power Clean; if a miss occurs, drop 10# and finish the e90s work.


15 min AMRAP:

2x Muscle ups / Bar Muscle ups / Box-Band MU*

4x Handstand Push ups

8x T&G Power Cleans 185/125 (60-70%)

*choose most challenging mu variation

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