Tuesday's WOD - 6/14/2016


Tabata Hollow Rocks - 20s work / 10s rest x 8 rounds

4x 10m (2R/2L) - Single Arm Overhead KB Lunge @ moderate weight


Back Squat (Explosive Week)


+5-10# to ww if heavy week on 06/07 was challenging or the athlete missed reps

+10-20# to ww if heavy week on 06/07 was easy to moderate and all reps were completed

8x3 @ 60% (new) ww


12 min AMRAP:

200m Sprint

10m Single Arm Overhead KB Lunge R/L

10 Box Jump

Athlete focused massage therapist,Tiffany Hutchens, will be here Tuesday for the 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes to help you with your muscle strains, joint stiffness, and movement efficiency. Certified orthopedic massage therapist, certified ACE personal trainer, Masters in Sports Science, Certified in Rock Tape Kinesiotaping, and therapist to the Icemen professional hockey team. Tiffany is passionate about helping people get out of pain by finding the cause of the movement dysfunction. We'll be giving her a couple minutes to introduce herself and then she'll be hanging around!

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