WOD RELEASE - CrossFit for T-1

WOD 2:

8 min Synchronized AMRAP between partners:

25 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

50 Synchronized Partner Wall Balls - 20@10”/14@9”

25 Synchronized Overhead Squats @ 95/65….(100 reps)


25 Synchronized Bar Facing Burpees

50 Synchronized Partner Wall Balls - 14@10”/8@9”

25 Synchronized Front Squats @ 95/65….(100 reps)

NOTES: This workout will be for completed Reps. All of the movements must be synchronized between partners. Both partners must begin standing on the same side of the bar before they start the burpee. Their chest must touch the ground at the same time, but the jump and land over the bar do not have to be synchronized. The partner wall balls will be alternating with one partner performing a wall ball (hip crease below the knee & hitting the appropriate height target) and the opposite partner catching the wall ball and repeating. Only one athlete is squatting at a time. The OHS (Rx) / Front Squats (Scaled) will also be synchronized with both partners being in a below parallel squat at the same time then fully standing to full hip extension. While both partners must be in a squat at the same time for the OHS (Rx) / Front Squats (Scaled), partners are not required to stand at the same time. If partners finish all of the OHS (Rx) / Front Squats (Scaled) they will return to the synchronized burpees then partner wall balls, etc for any remaining time.

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