Monday's WOD - 12/26/2016

Announcement: CrossFit Total Monday, January 9th, 2016


Burgener Warm up for Clean from mid- shin

Thruster Review + Complex Review


EMOM for 9 min:

3x Thruster + 2x Squat Clean Thruster (aka Cluster)

**Starting at a light to moderate weight (40-50%), athletes will build up to a challenging/heavy weight of this complex. The squat clean thruster must touch the floor between each rep. Athletes may drop from the top then reset or touch and go into the next thruster as long as they can maintain good position.

SCALED: EMOM for 9 min:

3x Thruster + 2x Hang Power Clean + Thruster

**Scaled athletes will stay at a light to moderate weight throughout focusing on technique.


7 min AMRAP:

1000m Row

Max Effort Thrusters @60-70% / 6-8 UB Reps in any remaining time…

**REST 2 minutes**

5 min AMRAP:

500m Row

Max Effort Thrusters @60-70% in any remaining time…

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