Monday's WOD - CrossFit TOTAL


CrossFit Total Review of Standards / Safety Precautions


  1. Standards for Back Squat, Deadlift, Strict Press

  2. Lifts should be judged by a coach.

  3. Safety

  4. Squat: Please encourage athletes to use the Safety Spotter Arms or 2 spotters on both sides of the squat bar if they will possibly lose the back squat forward

  5. Deadlift: good setup w/ lumbar extension, no halloween cats!

  6. Strict Press: tight core, glutes, quads, and keep bar close to body, don’t lean back or look up to press the bar, move the head out of the way!

CF Total Rules and Reminders:

  1. Athletes should work up to within 20-30# of first CF total attempt (80-90% 1RM). After an adequate warm up for each lift, the athlete will have three attempts to establish a 1RM. Please don’t let athletes bleed their warm up sets over into the CF Total sets, 3 attempts means 3 attempts.

  2. First attempt=a weight the athlete knows they can lift such as a 3 RM or a weight 90% most recent 1RM.

  3. Second attempt=a weight matching the 1RM or @ 100-105% most recent 1RM. The weight chosen for this set should be judged by the feel of the last set.

  4. Final attempt=bonus attempt after hopefully setting a new PR. If athlete failed the last last rep, decrease weight and set/match PR. The weight for this rep should be judged by the feel of the last set. If the last rep was “heavy,” make a conservative jump, if it was “light,” make a slightly larger jump. Usually this will not be more than a 10# jump if a PR was set on the previous rep.

  5. Finally, there are lots of different strategies for CF total, but the main goal is for athletes to set some type of PR for the day so please remind them to BE CONSERVATIVE and not to jump around weight wise without a plan or get greedy in early sets.


CrossFit Total

1-1-1 - Back Squat (15-20 min)

1-1-1 - STRICT Press (10-15 min)

1-1-1 - Deadlift (15 min)

SCALED: CrossFit Total

3-3-3 - Back Squat

3-3-3 - STRICT Press

3-3-3 - Deadlift

Last CF Totals were 01-09-17**, 08-22-16 / 04-04-16

**Push Press

**The 3 rep max is for recent on ramp grads, athletes who aren’t necessarily ready for 1RM load, or those who have difficulty bailing properly on a back squat.


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