Tuesday's WOD - 5/16/2017


Bar Muscle up / Jumping Pull up Progression

  • 3x 5-10 - Jumping C2B Pull up / Jumping Pull up

  • 3x 3-5 - Bar Muscle up / C2B Pull up / Pull up

**This will be 10 min of skill work where athletes will work from the most basic progression (jump pull up/jump c2b pull up to the most difficult (bar muscle up, c2b pull up, pull up). Athletes close to bar muscle ups can also do some box work to work on the transition of the wrists, elbows, and shoulders over the bar (see here). For the WOD, athletes will choose the most difficult variation they can complete.

  • Scaled athletes without pull ups can use the kids pull ups bars set at a low height, a set of stacked plates under their feet, or jerk boxes to put them at a height approx 6in from the top of their head (open standard). They will then jump and pull their chest / chin to the bar and lower back down to full arm extension. Please try to keep boxes either on the small rig or on the ends of the main rig as they can present a safety issue of they are spread everywhere.


Front Squat

**Working Weight / Training Max is 95% of 1RM. Recent On-Ramp grads should be working off a conservative 3 rep weight where form is near PERFECT.**






10 min AMRAP:

200m Sprint

1 Bar Muscle up / C2B Pull-up / Pull-up / Jumping C2B Pull-up / Jumpling Pull-up…(Rd. 1)

200m Sprint

2 Bar Muscle ups…(Rd. 2)

200m Sprint

3 Bar Muscle ups and so on until time expires…(Rd. 3)

Accessory Work:

EMOM x10

E: 12x Alt 1x KB (chest) box step-ups 44/35#

O: 10x Burpees to 6” target

*Adv Athletes may scale up to 53/44# KB and 15x burpees

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