Monday WOD - 9/18/2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: Athletes can sign up now for the CrossFit for Kid’s Sake Team Comp by going to our website and clicking the link. Movement Requirements & Metrics for Rx and Scaled Divisions are available now. WOD’s 1-3 + Floater will be released in the coming weeks leading up to the comp. 

Skill: Burgener Warm-up for Clean Complex Review

Strength: e90s x8 (12 min) 1x Squat Clean + 2x Hang Squat Clean **Beginning at light to moderate weight (30-40%), athletes will build in weight over the course of the emom focusing on good technique and position w/ no misses. If a miss occurs, athletes will de-load 10-20# and finish the emom. SCALED: e90s x8 3x Hang Power Clean + Front Squat **Scaled athletes will work at a light to moderate load for all sets focusing on technique and getting down to a challenging depth in the FS w/ out losing position.

WOD: For Time: 15-12-9-6-3 Hang Squat Clean @50-60% / 6-8 UB Reps C2B Pull-up / Pull-up / Seated Pull-up / Ring Row 

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