Friday's WOD - 9/22/2017

Skill: Burgener Warm up for Snatch Complex + Barbell Cycling Review

Strength: E2MOM x6 (12 min) 7x T&G Power Snatch **Starting at a light to moderate weight (20-30%), athletes will build to a moderately challenging weight for this complex and perform 7x Touch & Go Power Snatches as quickly as they can with proper technique. 

SCALED - E2MOM x6 (12 min) 7x Power / Hang Power Snatch @ light to moderate weight **Recent on ramp grads or athletes still developing their technique may work at light to moderate weight from the hang position.

WOD: 4RFT: 10 Bar Facing Burpees over Barbell 15 Power Snatch @20-30%  30 Double Unders