Heat Assignments - CrossFit for Kids' Sake

Male RX - Heat 1

WOD #1 - 9:00am

Joe Price and Clint Mobley

Dennis Martin and Matt Agan

James Godbold and Kyle Debord

Matt Key and Hunter Sandage

Lucas Russell and Chad Shaner

Anthony Aussieker and Jared Warren

Male RX - Heat 2

WOD #1 - 9:15am

Josh Lopez and Ahmed Alqattan

Adam Brock and Jarred Stuckey

Zac Huggins and Brad Hayden

Brian Myrick and Craig Elliott

Jacob Brown and Kevin Yeung

Brandon Moore and Jeff Scheu

Female RX - Heat 1

WOD #1 - 9:30am

Kyle Reel and Katie Hornback

Emily Thiel and Tiffany Haug

Chelsea Trail and Michele Hancock

Jessica Ryan and Kasey King

Rebecca Burke and Whitney Mason

Male Scaled - Heat 1

WOD #1 - 9:45am

Jessey Ziebach and Tyler Heflin

Mike Wheaton and Jarod Brown

Eduardo Ruiz and Ryan Gonterman

Eric Faith and Dan Adams

Matt Baumeyer and Bill Alexander

Joe Bush and Nic Brauer

Female Scaled - Heat 1

WOD #1 - 10:00am

Vanessa Shaw and Allison Lancaster

Marcy Heldt and Kendra Brauer

Brenda Ramirez and Courtney Souders

Danielle Elsen and Kari Craven

Mary Beeson and Andrea Paulnitz

Mariah Marcuson and Abby Wheaton

Female Scaled - Heat 2

WOD #1 - 10:15am

Mariah Adams and Abby Dillman

Ciara Butler and Kayla Meinema

Brittany Aussieker and Danielle Martin

Chloe Wytovak and Kaylee Johnson

Jennifer Long and Brittanie Garrison

Floater WOD will begin immediately following your WOD #1 heat. Floater WOD Schedule will be posted Friday! Good luck to all our teams.

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