Monday's WOD


Rowing Technique, Drills, & Tempo Rowing

4x5 - KB Goblet Squat to ISO Hold for Glute Activation


Back Squat

+5-10# to Working Weight / Training Max

**Working Weight / Training Max is 95% of 1RM. Recent On-Ramp grads should be working off a conservative 3 rep weight where form is near PERFECT.**

4x3@85%NEW ww


For Time:

10 Target Burpees

30 Goblet Squats @53/35

250m Row

10 Target Burpees

20 Goblet Squats

500m Row

10 Target Burpees

10 Goblet Squats

1000m Row

NOTES: Score Time and record KB weight. The Target Burpees will be 2-hand touch to an approx 6” Target.