Tuesday's WOD - 11/28/2017


4x 10 (5R/5L) - Shoulder Touches on Wall / Box


Push Press

+5-10# to Working Weight / Training Max

**Working Weight / Training Max is 95% of 1RM. Recent On-Ramp grads should be working off a conservative 3 rep weight where form is near PERFECT.**

3x4@75%New ww

1x4+AMRAP@75%New ww


“Artie Steven’s Memorial WOD”

5 Rounds - Teams of 2:

1 min AMRAP each station / 30 sec work each athlete per station

Station 1: Wall Balls (20/14)

Station 2: Toes to Bar / Scaled variations

Station 3: Box Jumps (24/20)

Station 4: Push Press @20-30% / 10-12 UB Reps (75/55)

Station 5: Calorie Row

Station 6: REST 1 minute and repeat

In memorial of Arthur “Artie” Stevens IV, Owner of Indy’s Kitchen, Artie’s Paleo On The Go, and Artie’s On Central. Artie was at the epicenter of the local CrossFit, fitness, and health revolution in Indianapolis. He strove to make people’s lives better everyday with his vision of Artie’s Paleo On The Go, connected with over 50 different fitness facilities, and impacted even more lives. Artie’s very first CrossFit workout was a Tabata version of Fight Gone Bad. He loved box jumps, enjoyed rig work, and kipping. Artie thrived in partner workouts because he never wanted to let the other person down. Quite familiar to the way he lived life. He is survived by his wife Erica, son Arthur (3 yo), and daughter Eva (1 yo). Donations can be made at The Artie Stevens Memorial Fund at http://www.3dayweekend.com/Artie-Stevens-Kid-Trust-Fund-C285.aspx

Accessory Work:

Pause OHS (3-sec)

6 sets of 3 @ 70%

Rest as needed between sets