Friday's WOD - 1/12/2018


Air Force WOD movement Review w/ PVC/BAR


3x - Air Force Complex

Athletes will perform 3 Sets of 5 Reps for each movement @ a light to moderate weight (135/95)

  • 5x Thruster

  • 5x SDHP

  • 5x Shoulder to overhead

  • 5x Overhead Squat

  • 5x Front Squat

**Athletes should use this time to warm up and find a suitable weight for the WOD. Athletes will have to base the weight off their weakest lift, which for many will be the OHS or SDHP. Athletes should try to choose a weight they can use for the entire WOD as opposed to changing weights throughout the workout based on the movement. Recent on ramp grads should keep this very light and focus on quality technique and ROM.


"The Air Force WOD"

from the 2010 MidWestern Sectional

For Time - 16 min CAP

20 Thrusters @30-40% / 8-10 UB Reps (95/65)

20 Sumo deadlift high pulls

20 Shoulder to Overhead

20 Overhead squats

20 Front squats

4 standard burpees (in place) EMOM including the Start

**Rx = 95/65, otherwise athletes should base the weight of 30-40% of their weakest lift in the complex

**Repeat from Sept 30, 2016**

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