Monday's WOD - 6/11/2018


Burgener Warm up for Clean + Complex Review


e90s x7

3x Muscle Cleans + 2x Power Clean

**Beginning at a lightweight (20-30%), athletes will gradually build to a moderately challenging (not a max) weight for this complex. Athletes will perform 3x Muscle Cleans, where the focus should be full extension of the hip, quick elbows, and achieving a good front rack position, followed by 2x traditional Power Clean. During the muscle clean, athletes will keep their knees straight and body extended with no repositioning of the feet; however, the feet should move normally out to the catch position during the power clean portion of the complex.


10 min AMRAP:

10 Power Cleans @40-50% / 2-3 UB Rds (135/95)

250/200m Row

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