Thursday’s WOD - 9/27/2018

Skill: Thruster/Cluster Progression w/ PVC/Barbell + Complex Review 1x10 - Cluster w/ Barbell from mid-shin Strength: e90s x6 Rd 1-2: 5x UB Cluster (aka Squat Clean Thruster) Rd 3-4: 4 UB Cluster Rd 5-6: 3 UB Cluster **Starting at a light to moderate weight (20-30%), athletes will gradually build to a challenging weight for this complex. The bar will start from the floor and must make contact with the ground at the start of each rep. Athletes will perform a squat clean into a thruster and may either 1: drop and reset off the floor 2: lower the bar back down to the hang position and Touch and Go off the floor into their next rep. Scaled athletes still developing this movement may work from the hang position and should stay at light to moderate loads focusing on good technique and position. WOD: For Time - 20 min CAP 400m Run 21 Pull-ups 15 Clusters @55-65% / 6-8 UB Reps (135/95) 400m Run 21 Pull-ups 12 Cluster 400m Run 21 Pull-ups 9 Cluster Accessory Work: EMOM x10 E: 3x Push Jerk @ 70-75% O: 12/10 Calorie AB