Friday's WOD - 11/2/2018


4 Rounds - Wall Walk + Wall Facing HS Hold:

2x - Full Wall Walk / Partial Wall Walk (45 or greater) / Floor Wall Walk / Box Walk


30 sec Wall Facing Handstand Hold

**Athletes will perform 2x wall walks followed by a 30 sec HS Hold at the top of their final wall walk. If they are performing one of the scaling options, the wall walk will be from the ground, off the box, etc. This may also be performed as 1 Wall Walk + 15 sec HS Hold x2 for each round.


Bench Press - 5-5-5-5-5

**Following warm up sets, athletes will have 5 attempts to work up to a 5 rep max bench press. Depending on their warm ups sets, athletes should begin their first set of 5 at approx 70-80%.

SCALED: Bench Press / Floor Press: - 5x5@ light to moderate weight

**Scaled athletes may work up to a conservative to moderately challenging 5 rep weight where form is near PERFECT and perform 5 sets of 5 reps all at the same weight rather than building.


15 min AMRAP:

200m Sprint

3 Wall Walks / Partial Wall Walk (45 or greater) / Floor Wall Walk / Box Walk

1 Rope Climb / ½ Rope Climb / 1x Lower + Raise

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