Tuesday's WOD - 2/5/2019


Rope Climb Review

Push Jerk + Complex Review


From the Rack @e90s x7

2x Pause Push Jerk + 1 Full Push Jerk @ moderate weight

**This skill work will be from the rack with a goal of developing more explosiveness from the bottom of the dip. Athletes will dip 2in, pause, then explode from the bottom of the dip into the Push Jerk. After athletes pause, athletes should not dip or re-dip any further than 2in (this may happen if athletes attempt to go too heavy). Athletes will build from a light to moderately challenging weight with a technique focus.


11 min AMRAP:

5 C2B Pull-ups

9 Shoulder to Overhead @40-50% / 2-3 UB Rds (155/105)

1 Rope Climb / ½ Rope Climb / 1x Lower + Raise

Accessory Work:

EMOM x12

1st: 4x Pause Back Squats @ 65%ww

2nd: 12/8 Calorie AB

3rd: Rest

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