Monday's WOD - 2/25/2019


Handstand Push-up Progression, perform this as a class, athletes will perform 5-10 of each progression working to find the most difficult option they can complete with good technique.

Burgener Warm up for Snatch + Complex Review


e90s x6 - Power Snatch

**Working Weight / Training Max is 95% of 1RM. Recent On-Ramp grads should be working off a conservative 3 rep weight where form is near PERFECT.

Rd 1-2: 7 UB Power Snatch 40-50%

Rd 3-4: 5 UB Power Snatch

Rd 5-6: 3 UB Power Snatch 70-80%

**Beginning at a light to moderate weight (30-40%), athletes will gradually build in weight each round toward target percentages focusing on a good set up position and technique. If a miss occurs, athletes will deload and complete the complex.


11 min AMRAP:

200m Sprint

10 Handstand Push-ups

5 Power Snatches @55-65% / 1-2 UB Rds (135/95)

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