Monday's WOD - 3/18/2019

Announcement: Next Week, March 25-30, NEW SCHEDULE

  • Regular Class Times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, limited schedule w/ Open Gym + select class times on Fridays (530a-9a-430p-530p).

  • Friday's will be an active recovery day which will include: open gym as well as coached mobility/flexibility, skill work, lower intensity workouts for quality, and strength recovery work such as sled pulls/drags, weighted carries, etc.



Thruster Progression w/ PVC/Barbell + Complex Review


e90s x6 - Thruster

Rd 1-2: 9 UB Thrusters

Rd 3-4: 6 UB Thrusters

Rd 5-6: 3 UB Thrusters

**Beginning at a light to moderate weight (30-40%), athletes will build up to a challenging weight for this complex. Athletes still developing this movement should stay at lighter bar loads focusing on technique and maintaining good posting.


15 min AMRAP:

15/12 Cal Row

9 Thrusters @45-55% / 2-3 UB Rds (115/75)

1x Rope Climb / ½ Rope Climb / Lower + Raise

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