Tuesday’s WOD - 3/26/2019

Skill:  Skill Transfer Series w/ PVC + Complex Review Strength: e90s x7 1x Pause Heaving Snatch Balance (squat width) + 1x Pause Snatch Balance (hip width) + 1x Overhead Squat **Beginning at a light weight (20-30%) best Snatch, athletes will build toward a moderately challenging weight for this complex (70-80%) NOT a max. This is geared toward improving footwork and strengthening the receiving position for athletes. Both snatch balances should be performed with a 2in dip and drive and a 2-3 sec pause in the receiving position, no pause for the OHS. Athletes that are new to this movement should stay at lighter loads and work on receiving the bar at the lowest spot where they can maintain an upright torso and good position. WOD: For Time: 1000/800m Row 50 Toes to Bar / Scaled Variation 30 OHS @40-50% / 8-10 reps UB (115/75) Accessory Work: Conditioning: 3 Sets 3 min Max Calorie Ski Rest 1:00 2 min Max Calorie AB Rest 2:00 

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