Wednesday WOD -4/3/2019


FOUNDATIONS STARTS 4/3/2019 6am or 6pm

Skill: 4x10 (5R/L) KB Rack Lunge to Half Kneeling Press  Strength: Strict Press 3-3-2-2-1-1-1 **After several warm up sets working up to approx 70-80%, athletes will build gradually toward a challenging/heavy 3-rep x2, 2-rep x2, then a 1-rep Max x3 attempts. Recent foundations grads may follow the same rep scheme format, but should work toward maintaining PERFECT technique on every lift with no misses. This will provide a conservative 3 rep weight / “max” they can use for building their lifts and quality technique in later strength work. WOD: 6 Rounds x90 sec WORK / 1 min REST 8 Toes to Bar / Scaled Variation 10 Lateral Burpees over Barbell Max Effort Push Press @40-50% / 10-15 UB Reps (95/65) **REST 1 min between Rounds** 

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CrossFit High Bar

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