Friday @home edition


10 min: Handstand Push-up Skill Work



9 Russian DB/KB Swings (70/50-53)

7 Burpee Box Jumps or Step-ups (full hip extension required) @24/20

5 Handstand Push-ups / Box HSPU / HSPU variation

NOTES: Score Time and record R-KBS weight. If the extra weight is available, the R-KBS should be at a challenging weight, swinging 2x35 KB’s for a total of 70#, for example, is also an option for adding additional weight. This workout includes Burpee Box Jumps or Step-ups, which require a full extension of the hip while the athlete is on top of the box, NOT BBJ overs. The HSPU may include kipping, strict, box HSPU, or other mixed variations.

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