Friday’s @home edition

Just a couple of our members who work on the front lines right now. Thank you all for all you do!


One-leg Squat (aka Pistol) Progressions:

**Demos for many of these pistol progressions can be found here, find the one that challenges you most but you can still perform with good technique!

  1. Air Squat

  2. Narrow (feet together) squat

  3. Pistol squat with opposite foot (on toe) behind working leg for balance

  4. Pistol squat with opposite foot wrapped behind calf of working leg

  5. Pistol to box or med-ball (this version should be slow and controlled to avoid plopping on the box/ball - please use this option sparingly as athletes tend to rush this variation and we’ll need most if not all of the boxes for HSPU).

  6. If athletes are relying solely on the rig/band/box/ball, etc to perform the pistol and would otherwise be extremely off balance, they should be performing one of the no-equipment required variations.

  7. Pistol while holding onto the rig/ring/band/counterweight for balance.

  8. Candlestick to Pistol

  9. Pistol to light band stretched between “J” hooks (for athletes that are very close to pistols)

  10. Full Pistol

Pistol Standards:

  • Hip Crease Below Knee

  • Opposite foot may not touch the ground for full pistol

  • Athletes must stand fully upright for a completed rep

  • Holding non working leg for balance is acceptable

Performance Points:

  • Butt goes back / Chest up

  • Knee of working leg should remain in line w/the foot

  • Heel should stay grounded


10 min AMRAP:

2 Sit-ups**

2 (1R/L) Alt. Pistols / Pistol variation / Air Squat…(Rd 1)

4 Sit-ups

4 (2R/L) Alt. Pistols

6 Sit-ups

6 (3R/L) Alt. Pistols and so on adding +2-reps to each movement until time expires…(Rd 3)

**Legs may be butterflied w/ feet placed against the wall or modified to anchored sit-ups under dumbbells or another heavy object.

NOTES: Score Completed Rounds + Reps. The pistols will be alternating 1 right + 1 left = 2 total reps, etc.

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