Friday’s @home edition


STRICT Pull-up Skill Work:

Weighted Strict Pull-up / Strict Pull-up @bodyweight

5x4 @ a challenging weight

**These will be strict from a dead hang w/ supinated grip, pronated grip, or mixed. Athletes can load KB/DB or plates using the load belts, sled belts with chain, etc. Athletes w/ only a few strict pull ups may cut the reps down each round to a manageable number and work at bodyweight or a very light load. Please encourage athletes to maintain good position regardless of which pull-up variation they choose.

5x4 - Seated Pull-up w/ elevated feet + weight  / Inverted Rows / Bent Over Row (2R+2L)

  • Athletes without strict pull-ups can also perform seated pull-ups w/ the kids bars and may elevate the feet slightly w/ plates, a bench, jerk box, etc to increase difficulty. Athletes may also  increase difficulty by adding a plate to their lap. See example photos below.



5 Strict Pull-ups / Kipping Pull-ups / Body Rows

10 Thrusters @20-30% / 4-5 UB Rds (75/55)

@Home / No Barbell Option:


5 Strict Pull-ups / Kipping Pull-ups /  Inverted Rows / Bent Over Row (3R+3L)

10 (5R/L) 1-Arm KB/DB Thrusters (30-35/20-26) / 4-5 UB Rds

NOTES: Score Time and record weight. Athletes will choose the most challenging variation of a pull-up they can complete with good technique and can scale to kipping, inverted rows, bent over rows as needed.

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