Friday’s @home edition


Mountain Climbers (See website for demo video)

Handstand Walk Progressions (see link)

**Coaches: please set up 25 FT handstand walk areas marking off 5 FT increments

  • Work through progression options as a class, then athletes will CHOOSE 1-2 challenging progression and perform approx 15-20 min of HS Walk Development (progression A).

  • WOD Options:

  • 15 FT Bear Crawl = 1 HS Walk

  • 1x - Handstand Walk around Box (1/4 way around LEFT + back to center + 1/4 around RIGHT + back to center = 1 HS Walk)

  • 2x HS Walk to Wall = 1 HS Walk (most challenging distance)

  • 15 FT Handstand Walk (minimum 5 ft increments or return to previous hash mark)

  • CAUTION: If you’re new or working on developing HS Walks, please be sure to practice in a safe area, preferably w/ a soft surface (mats, padding, grass, etc, NOT the concrete) and free of obstructions.



5 Toes to Bar / Hanging Knee Raises / Toes to Post

10 Mountain Climbers

15 FT HS Walk / Box HS Walk / HS Walk to Wall / Bear Crawl

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