Friday’s @home edition


4x10 - Deficit Push up / Push-ups / Knee Push-ups

**Watch the linked video for details. First set should be done with no plates, then athletes that can maintain a solid push-up position during the first set may try to work from a deficit utilizing up to 45/35# plates. Athletes may also scale this by working at less of a deficit, for example, 10-35# plates. Athletes should work toward finding the most challenging variation of a push-up they can complete with good technique.

Technique Highlights:

  • Set up from the top: hollow body / tight belly-butt / elbows flipped back & down facing knees (shoulder ext rotation) / fingers spread for extra support-balance

  • Initiation from top: Push up starts and is initiated thru the shoulder, not the elbow

  • Elbow position: elbows stay close to body w/ vertical forearms (elbow directly over top of wrist).

  • Drive from the ground: stay tight w/ active glutes/quads and knees extended. Drive is initiated thru the rib cage & belly not via chest and hip worm.



400m Run

15 Deficit Push-ups (45/45) / Push-ups / Knee Push-ups

30 Air Squats

Optional: 20/14# Weight Vest

NOTES: Score Time.

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