Friday's WOD - 4/19/2019


[warm up] HS Hold / Strict Toes to Bar / Knee Raises (no kip)

2x1 R/L - Turkish Get up Progression @light weight

**Lead athletes through the full turkish get up slowly, developing and cueing each position from the ground all the way to standing and back down. These will be performed for balance/skill work with light weight, no weight, balancing a shoe on the fist, etc.


5x2 R/L - Turkish Get up @ moderate to challenging weight

**Athletes will perform 2 UB Reps right then left and may build in weight based on technique. They may also use odd objects other than KB's (if desired) such as barbells, sandbags, etc.


E3MOM x5 Rounds

5 STRICT Toes to Bar/Knee Raises (no kip)

12/9 Cal Bike / Row

30 sec Handstand Hold - Freestanding / Wall HS Hold / Box HS Hold / Ground HS Hold, etc

**REST in any remaining time each round**

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