Friday's WOD - 4/26/2017

Few reminders:

Pre-Order your Murph Shirts before 5/1/2019 -

Bring A Friend - This Saturday April, 27th 8am or 10am


10 min - Hip/Ankle Mobility w/ medium band (as a class)

Banded Hip-Mobility R/L @ approx 30-45 sec each position

Banded Ankle Distraction @ 2 min each side

Strength / Skill:

Pistol Progression, 5-10 of each working up to full pistols

**The goal is to find a progression that challenges an athlete and progresses them toward full pistols. Coaches do not have to cover all of these, just find what challenges and works best for each athlete.

Then: 4x10 (5R/L) - Alt. Pistols / Most challenging Variation

**This is high skill gymnastics work, use the extra time to work with athletes on developing their pistols / single leg squats.


On a 12 min Clock:

30 Single Unders

15 Plate AbMat Sit-ups

10 (5R/L) Alt. Pistols / Scaled Variation

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