Friday's WOD - 7/5/2019


Wall Walk Progression


4x - 50 FT - 2-Arm Dumbbell / KB Front Rack Walking Lunge @moderate weight (50/35 DB / 53/35 KB)

**Athletes will place Dumbbells or KB’s in the front rack and lunge 50 FT down the length of the rig. Hands must remain at least loosely in contact with the DB handles during the walking lunge. This may be scaled to a bodyweight walking lunge or DB Goblet Walking Lunge with a 1-Arm DB / KB Walking Lunge. Athletes should gradually build in weight with this movement and work on finding a challenging weight for the workout.


5 Rounds:

50 FT 2-Arm DB / KB Front Rack Walking Lunge

3 Wall Walks / Partial Wall Walk (45 or greater) / Floor Wall Walk / Box Walk

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