FUNday Friday Wod


Skill Transfer Series w/ PVC then BAR + OHS Review

  • 1x3 reps w/ PVC

  • 1x1 reps w/ Bar

Skill Transfer Series:

  • Bhn Push Press

  • Overhead Squat Review

  • Press Under (squat stance) aka Pressing Snatch Balance

  • Heaving Snatch Balance (squat stance-dip and drive, feet do not move)

  • Snatch Balance (pulling stance w/ dip and drive)


On a 10 min Clock:

From the Rack - 6x3 Overhead Squat

**Athletes will compete 6 sets on a 10 min clock to build up to a moderately challenging 3-rep OHS @70-80%. A lift should be performed about every 90sec (approx) but athletes may take longer or shorter breaks as needed.

SCALED: 6x3 Overhead Squat / Front Squat / HB Back Squat @ light to moderate weight

**Athletes still developing their OHS may perform OHS to a target, Front Squats, or High Bar Back Squats as a scaling option and focus on technique and maintaining good position.


10 min AMRAP:

3 C2B Pull-ups / Pull-ups / Seated Pull-ups / Ring Rows

8 OHS @30-40% (95/65)

24 Doubles or 48 Singles

@Home / No Barbell Option:

10 min AMRAP:

3 C2B Pull-ups / Pull-ups / Body Rows / 1-Arm (2R/L) Bent over DB/KB Row (50-53/30-35)

8 (4R/L) 1-Arm OHS @30-40% (30-35/20-25)

24 Doubles or 48 Singles

NOTES: Score Completed Rounds + Reps and record OHS weight. The OHS weight should be light and not a limiting factor in early rounds

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