Monday's WOD


Burgener Warm up for Snatch + Complex Review


EMOM x9:

2x Power Snatch into Overhead Squat

**Athletes will perform a Power Snatch, pause for 2-3 seconds in their power receiving “catch” position, then lower directly into an overhead squat. This complex will begin at a light weight (20-30%) and build up to a moderately challenging Power Snatch weight (70-80%), not a max. Athletes still developing these movements should stay at lighter bar loads focusing on technique and maintaining good positioning.


For Time:

500/400m Row

30 Overhead Squats @50-60% / 8-10 UB Reps (135/95)

30 Pull-ups / Seated Pull-up / Ring Row

500/400m Row

@Home / Scaled option:

For Time:

Run / Row / Jump Rope, etc (90 sec effort)

30 (15R/L) 1-Arm Overhead Squats (30-35/20-26)

30 Pull-ups / Seated Pull-up / Inverted Body Row / 1-Arm DB.KB Row

Run / Row / Jump Rope (90 sec effort)

NOTES: Score Time and record OHS weight. The OHS weight should be challenging for experienced athletes to where it would be difficult to perform all reps UB.

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