Monday's WOD

CrossFit Total - Review of Standards / Safety Precautions


  1. Standards for Back Squat, Deadlift, Push Press

  2. Lifts should be judged by a coach.

  3. Safety

  4. Awareness of surroundings for bailed lifts, plates in lifting area, etc.

  5. Squat: Please encourage athletes to use the Safety Spotter Arms or 2 spotters on both sides of the squat bar if they will possibly lose the back squat forward. These are located on the gray shelf in the storage area.

  6. Deadlift: good setup w/ lumbar extension, no halloween cats!

  7. Strict Press: tight core, glutes, quads, and keep bar close to the body, avoid excessively leaning back or looking up to press the bar.

CF Total Rules and Reminders:

  1. “Don’t be stupid, greedy, or pigheaded” (see article)

  2. After warm up sets, 3 attempts = 3 attempts

  3. Athletes should have a realistic Game Plan based on their first lift, a weight the athlete knows they are capable of lifting (3RM or 90% or most recent 1RM).

  4. SCALE AS NEEDED...if an athlete has never totaled, it’s been awhile, or they have aches, pains, etc, scaling to a challenging 3 or 5 rep is RECOMMENDED.


CrossFit Total

1-1-1 - Back Squat (15-20 min)

1-1-1 - Strict Press (10 min)

1-1-1 - Deadlift (15 min)


3-3-3 - Back Squat

3-3-3 - Strict Press

3-3-3 - Deadlift

Last CF Totals were 10-15-18, 01-08-18, 09-11-17, 04-03-17

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