Open House - Bring Your Friends

Join us at 8am or 9:30am for a free workout and free food!

Group Warm up

  • Divide class in half, 1 parter runs while other partner bikes then switch


Intro to Alt. Box Step-up

Intro to Barbell Deadlift w/ PVC

  • Top down DL w/ PVC

  • Barbell set up 

  • Reset Deadlifts

  • Full Deadlift

*note: need to have several light barbells set up prior to class to save on set up time

15 min Work/Rest AMRAP:

200m Run or .5/.4 Bike

10 Alt. Box Step-ups 

7 Deadlifts @30-40% / 3-4 UB Rds (135/95)

**Alt. Rounds Work/Rest between partners**

Post-WOD: Cool Down + Sign up & Foundations / On-Ramp info

NOTES: Score Completed Rounds + Reps between partners. Athletes having difficulty with the barbell deadlift and properly setting back, hinging at the hips, etc. may use a med-ball or KB if needed. Partners will have the option to run or bike each round. 

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CrossFit High Bar

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