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MORE THAN A WORKOUT - IT’S A COMMUNITY. We aim to provide our members with the best hour of their day. We are a community with the common goals of being healthier and having fun. We do this by using CrossFit methodology of constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. What this means is that each day our coaches will lead group classes through a workout focused on functional movements which will improve everyday life (squatting, picking things up, pressing objects overhead, etc). Since our coaches know every member and their unique needs, each workout will be catered to give the appropriate intensity level for a person's individual condition. We let the members set their own bar and it's our job to help them raise it over time!


Since we need time to understand new members' goals and current fitness level, the whole process starts with a no obligation 6 class intro that we call Foundations. The emphasis of the Foundations Course is on skill development — to ensure your safety and success — and designed to prepare you to enter our ongoing group classes.

If you or someone you know is thinking about starting a new fitness journey send them our way. Just send a message to

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CrossFit High Bar

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