Thursday’s at home WOD


Thruster Progression w/ PVC/Barbell + Complex Review

Pause Front Squat

Front Squat + Bar Pop Off (bar only)

Push Press from Squat Stance / Receiving position

Full Thruster w/ PVC/Bar



3x UB Thrusters

**Beginning at a light to moderate weight (30-40%), athletes will build up to a challenging 3-rep Thruster weight. Athletes still developing these movements should stay at lighter bar loads focusing on technique and maintaining good posting.

@Home Option:

6 (3R/L)  1-Arm Thrusters w/ Dumbbell / Kettlebell / Odd Object **

**building in weight if possible


For Time:

SPRINT: 800m Run \ 1000/800m Row \ 1/.8 Km Bike

Then 5 Rounds:

5 Thrusters @60-70% / 2-3 UB Rds (135/95)

15 Plate AbMat Sit-ups

@Home Option:

For Time:

3 min Run / Row / Bike / Jump Rope (singles)

Then 5 Rounds:

10 (5R/L) 1-Arm Thrusters w/ Dumbbell / Kettlebell / Odd Object (rock, etc) @50-53/30-35#

15 Sit-ups

NOTES: Score Time and record Thruster weight. Athlete’s can run 2x 400m for the 800m run or run down to the cigar shop and double back through the parking lot. For the @home option, if needed, athletes may anchor their feet under an object or press them up against the wall in the butterfly position.

Accessory Work:

Overhead Squats (from the rack)

5x4 @ 70-75%ww

Rest 2 min b/t sets

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