Thursday’s @home edition


4x3 - Double DB/KB Split Jerk

**Athletes will clean double DB/KB’s to a good front rack position and perform 3x split jerks, fully recovering the feet before lowering the weight. Athletes with only one DB/KB may perform 3 reps right and left.


EMOM x8:

3x Barbell Hang Clean + Split Jerks

**Beginning at a light to moderate weight (30-40%), athletes will build up to a challenging 3-rep Hang Clean & Jerk weight. Athletes still developing these movements should stay at lighter bar loads focusing on technique and maintaining good posting.

@Home / No Barbell Option:

EMOM x8:

3x Double DB/KB Hang Clean + Split Jerks

**Building gradually in weight (See website for demo videos and modification options)

Athletes w/ only 1x DB/KB may alternate hands after each min for a total of 4 rounds right and 4 rounds left.



200m Sprint

6 Barbell Hang Clean + Split Jerk @55-65% / 2-3 UB Rds(155/105)

@Home / No Barbell Option:


200m Sprint

6 Double DB/KB Hang Clean + Split Jerk (50-53/30-35)

NOTES: Score Time and record weight. If athletes only have one DB/KB, they may switch hands after each round, performing 3 rounds right and 3 rounds left for a total of 6 rounds. The prescribed movement for this workout is split jerk, push jerk and push press are both scaling options.

Accessory Work:

Midline Accessory Work:


10 Lemon Squeezes

20sec Hollow Hold

Rest 1 min b/t rds

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