Thursday’s @home edition


4x10 (5R/L) Alt. Font Rack DB/KB Forward Lunges

**These will be performed with a SINGLE DB/KB held in the goblet position under the chin.



+5-10# to Working Weight / Training Max

Working Weight / Training Max @90-95% of 1RM. Recent Foundations grads should be working off a conservative 3 rep weight where form is near PERFECT.



@Home / No Barbell Option:

  • Odd Object Deadlift (See website for demo video)

  • 2x12 @ moderate weight

  • 1x12+AMRAP @ moderately challenging weight

  • Odd Object Options: Milk Crate, Cooler, Empty Box, Tool Box, Large Duffle Bag w/ misc items inside to add weight


11 min AMRAP:

4 Bar Facing Burpees

8 (5R/L) Alt. Barbell Front Rack Forward Lunges  2-3 UB Rds (95/65)

12 Deadlifts

@Home / No Barbell Option:

11 min AMRAP:

4 Dumbbell Facing Burpees

8 (5R/L) Alt. Front Rack DB/KB Forward Lunges (50-53/30-35 @1 DB/KB)

12 Double DB/KB Deadlifts (100/70)

NOTES: Score Completed Rounds + Reps and record weight. The burpees should be performed facing the Bar/DB/KB, not laterally.

Accessory Work:


Tabata Hollow Body Hold OR Half Hollow Body Hold

TABATA = 8 Cycles x 20 sec WORK / 10 sec REST

Athletes will maintain a hollow body w/ their shoulders off the floor, low back on the ground, and legs extended. This may be scaled to arms at sides or a tuck position (see video) for athletes that have difficulty maintaining position.

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