Thursday's WOD - 11/7/2019


4x8 (4R/L) -1-Arm Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerk @ moderate weight


On a 12 min Clock:

From the Floor: 6 Rounds - 3x Strict Press + 50 FT Overhead Barbell Carry

This is NOT a max, athletes will build to a moderately challenging weight of 3x Strict Press immediately followed by a 50 FT OH BB Carry. This will be performed on a running clock, athletes will lift every 90 sec to 2 min or so at their own pace. Athletes will need to work together and time thier OH carries so they are not conflicting with one another.


On a 10 min Clock:

24 Double Unders / 60 Singles

8 (4R/L) 1-Arm DB Hang Clean & Jerk @50/35

4 Lateral Burpees over Dumbbell

**REST 30 seconds after each round**

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