Thursday’s WOD


Knees to Elbow + short review during warm up

  • Full KTE / Knees to Triceps / Knees to Chest / Hanging Knee Raises (above waist) 

OHS Progression + Review (as a class) 

5’s w/ PVC & 3’s w/ Bar

  • 5x Air Squat

  • 5x ¼ OHS

  • 5x ½ OHS

  • Full OHS 

  • Finish w/ 3x5 OHS @moderate weight (135/95) 

  • Building in weight to find a challenging weight for the workout


3 of 12: 20 REP Back Squat

  • 3x5 - warm up sets, gradually building to starting weight then:

  • 20 UB Back Squats +5# from last session on 09/08

**Athletes will add 5 pounds to their weight from 09/08 (55-65%[3RM] or 50-60%[1RM]). They will then perform 20 UB high bar back squats at this weight, no racking the bar. This program will run 2x per week for the next 6 weeks and athletes will be adding 5# each squat session. If an athlete missed a squat session, they should still only go up 5# and not try “catching up” by adding more weight. 


For Time:


Burpee to 6” Target 

Knees to Elbow / KTE variation 

OHS @30-40%/ 2-3 UB Rds (95/65)

NOTES: Score Time and record OHS weight. The OHS weight should be light and not a limiting factor in early rounds. 

Accessory Work:

Mobility / Pre-hab (Levi)

4 Rounds:

:15 second couch stretch on each leg

:15 seconds in bottom of Cossack squat on each side

Accessory Conditioning:


12 Bench Press @bw/.75bw or Push-ups

10 (5R/L) Alt. 1-Arm DB Snatches (50/35)

100m (50m R/L) 1-Arm OH Carry 

**REST 30 sec after each round**

NOTES: Score TOTAL Time and record DB weight. 

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