Thursday’s WOD


4x10 (5R/L) - Dead Bug w/ Plate


7 of 12: 20 REP Back Squat

  • 3x5 - warm up sets, gradually building to starting weight then:

  • 20 UB Back Squats +5# from last session

**Athletes will add 5 pounds to their last 20-rep back squat weight (55-65%[3RM] or 50-60%[1RM]). They will then perform 20 UB high bar back squats at this weight, no racking the bar. This program will run 2x per week for the next 6 weeks and athletes will be adding 5# each squat session. If an athlete missed a squat session, they should still only go up 5# and not try “catching up” by adding more weight. If there are any close fails on the 20-rep, athletes will repeat the same weight during the next squat session. 


3 min AMRAP x4 Rounds

Buy-in: 50 Doubles / 100 Singles each round then 

AMRAP in remaining time:

9 Air Squats

6 Push-ups

3 Pull-ups 

**Rest 1 min after each round**

NOTES: Score Total Completed Rounds + Reps. Athletes will begin each round with 50 Doubles or 100 Singles but keep a running total of their Air Squats, Push-ups, and Pull-ups (e.g. athlete finishes Rd 1 w/ 3 Rds + 1 Air Squat, athlete will begin Rd 2 w/ 50 Doubles or 100 Singles then pick up where they left off on their last round w/ the air squats. Easiest way to track this type of workout is not mark off a round until it is fully complete. Please caution athletes to maintain standards and quality reps!!

Accessory Work:

Pre-Hab / Re-Hab (Levi)

Ankle mobility:

Banded ankle mobilization on a plate

  • 20 knee over toe reps on each side

Box/bench ankle stretch

  • Accumulate 1 minute of stretching on each ankle

Goblet squat ankle stretch with plate

  • Accumulate 1-2 minutes in bottom of squat leaning on each side 

Accessory Conditioning:

EMOM x10 min:

Even min: 3 Pause OHS **3 sec pause** (135/95)

Odd min: 10 GHD Sit-ups / 15 AbMat Sit-ups 

NOTES: Record Completed Rounds + Reps. Athletes should include a 3 sec pause at the bottom of each OHS. 

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