Tuesday’s @home edition


Mountain Climbers

****See website for demo video, knees must touch elbows/triceps on each side for a good rep.

Bent Leg Hollow Body Hold - 40 sec WORK / 20 sec REST x6 Cycles

**See website for demo video


Back Squat

Working Weight / Training Max @100% 3RM or 90-95% of 1RM. Recent Foundations grads should be working off a conservative 3 rep weight where form is near PERFECT.



@Home / No Barbell Option:

3x8 - Double KB Front Squat @challenging weight

Final Set: 1x8+AMRAP

  • Double DB Front Squat , Odd Object Front Rack Squats may be utilized in place of Double KB Front Squat

  • 3 sets of 8 reps at a moderate weight

  • Final set is an AMRAP set of as many quality reps the athlete can perform with good technique.

  • Last few sets reps of each set should be challenging

  • Maintain tension in your legs throughout and good posture at the bottom of your squat


For Time:

50 (25R/L) Mountain Climbers

15 Barbell Front Squats @30-40% / 2-3 UB Rds (135/95)

40 (20R/L) Mountain Climbers

12 Barbell Front Squats

30 (15R/L) Mountain Climbers

9 Barbell Front Squats

20 (10R/L) Mountain Climbers

6 Barbell Front Squats

10 (5R/L) Mountain Climbers

3 Barbell Front Squats

@Home / No Barbell Option:

For Time:

50 (25R/L) Mountain Climbers

15 Double KB/DB Front Squat (2x 50-53’s/ 2x 30-35’s) / 2-3 UB Rds

40 (20R/L) Mountain Climbers

12 Double KB Front Squat

30 (15R/L) Mountain Climbers

9 Double KB/DB Front Squat

20 (10R/L) Mountain Climbers

6 Double KB/DB Front Squat

10 (5R/L) Mountain Climbers

3 Double KB/DB Front Squat

NOTES: Score Time. Double KB/DB Front Squats may be modified to Mixed Weight KB/DB Front Squats (e.g. 1x 53 + 1x 35), Goblet squats, Odd Object Front Rack Squats if athletes don’t have 2 of the same KB/DB.

Accessory Work:

Accessory Conditioning

3 min AMRAP x 4 Rds

400m Run

Max Push-ups in Remaining Time...

Rest 1 min b/t rds

NOTES: Record total push-ups accumulated.

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