Tuesday’s @home edition


4x10 R/L - Lateral Box Step-ups

**Athletes will perform 5 lateral box step-ups right then left. These should be performed on a high/challenging box to where athletes are starting from the bottom of their catch position in the squat clean/snatch. Athletes may scale this to a lower box where the thigh is approx parallel to box/floor or possibly even lower.


Front Squat

Working Weight / Training Max @100% 3RM or 90-95% of 1RM. Recent Foundations grads should be working off a conservative 3 rep weight where form is near PERFECT.



@Home / No Barbell Option:

3x10 - Double KB/DB Front Squat @ light to moderate weight (70-100/40-60)


16 min AMRAP:

200m Run

8 Pull-ups / Body Rows / 1-Arm (4R/L) DB/KB Row

24 Air Squats

20/14# Weight Vest Optional

NOTES: Score Completed Rounds + Reps.

Accessory Work:

Recovery Piece:

5x - 2-Arm KB Farmer’s Carry/Walk w/ DB/KB/BB/Odd Object (5 gal bucket of water, etc) @moderate weight (50m down + 50m back = 100m)

  • Farmer’s Walk Highlights:

  • Upright posture

  • Tall Spine

  • Shoulder blades pinched together to keep shoulders in a neutral position

  • This is a Walk/Carry NOT a run

  • Heel to toe steps to avoid KB/DB Bounce

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