Tuesday’s WOD - 10/29/2019


Push Jerk + Complex Review


On a 10 min Running Clock:

From the Rack - 5 Sets - 3x Push Press + 2x Push Jerk @moderately challenging weight (70-80%)

This is NOT a max, athletes will build to a moderately challenging weight of 3x Push Press immediately followed by 2x Push Jerk. Athletes still developing their push jerk should stay at lighter loads and focus on good mechanics. This will be performed on a running clock, athletes will lift every 90 sec to 2 min or so at their own pace.


75 sec AMRAP x9 Rounds

5 Burpee Box Jump Overs

5 Shoulder to Overhead @55-65% (155/105)

**REST in any remaining time each round**

Accessory Work:

4 Sets

4-6 Bar Dips

Rest 30sec

8 Double KB Bent-over Rows @ 53/35s

Rest 30sec

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