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Whiteboard Discussion: 20 Rep Back Squat Program

20-Rep Back Squat Calculator Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QFTHddGXAyGLniNc43_WFyEgKxL69geyqYTY082zvlM/edit?usp=sharing

Articles: Why 20-rep Squats? and History of 20-rep Squats

  • How the program will work: see above

  • Quality reps & starting conservative

  • Barbell placement

  • Calculating 20-rep Back Squat starting weight


0 of 12: 20 REP Back Squat

  • 3x5 - warm up sets, gradually building to target weight then:

  • 20 UB Back Squats @55-65% [3RM] or 50-60% [1RM]

**Athletes will choose a starting weight based off 55-65% of their 3RM or 50-60% 1RM. Athletes that should begin at a CONSERVATIVE starting weight which will allow them to perform QUALITY squats. Once they have a weight, athletes will warm up then perform 20 UB high bar back squats at this weight, no racking the bar. This program will run 2x per week for the next 6 weeks and athletes will be adding 5# each squat session. At the end of the program, athletes will be squatting their starting weight +60# for 20 UB Reps

  • e.g. 195# 3RM @60% = starting weight: 117 rounded down to 115 @+5# per week x12 squat sessions = 175x20 reps for last week

  • e.g. 215# 1RM @55% = starting weight: 118 rounded up to 120 @+5# per week x12 squat sessions = 180x20 rep for last week

  • e.g. 330# 3RM @60% = 200 + 60# over 12 squat sessions = 260x20 reps for last week

  • e.g 355# 1RM@55% = 195 +60# over 12 squat sessions = 255x20 reps for last week



30 Doubles / 60 Singles

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

9 Toes to Bar / Knees to Chest / Toes to Post

NOTES: Score time and record wall ball weight. This should be a short and intense effort and performed mostly UB.

Accessory Work:

Part A:

For Time:

400m Run

1/.8 Km Bike

REST 3 min then:

Part B:

For Time:

400m Run

1/.8 Km Bike

NOTES: Score Part A and Part B individually and compare times. How well did you recover between Part A and Part B? Were your times comparable?

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