Tuesday's WOD

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Burgener Warm up for Snatch + Complex Review


e90s x6 - High Hang Power Snatch (aka Dip Power Snatch)

Rd 1-2: 9x High Hang Power Snatch

Rd 3-4: 6x High Hang Power Snatch

Rd 5-6: 3x High Hang Power Snatch

High Hang = Upper thigh w/ slight bend in knees / hips

**Starting at a light weight (20-30%), athletes will gradually build to a moderate weight for this complex, NOT a max. This Snatch complex will be performed from the high hang w/ an emphasis on leg extension, keeping the bar close, and an aggressive turn over. Overloading this complex will result in an improper hang position and push athletes to mid-thigh. Scaled athletes still developing this movement should stay light weight focusing on good technique and position.


12 min AMRAP:

9 Plate AbMat Sit-ups

6 Hang Power Snatches @30-40% (75/55)

3 Burpee to 6” Target

**REST 30 sec after each Round**

Accessory Work:

3 Rounds:

60 sec Sandbag Hold (150/100)


60 sec AMRAP Wall Walks / Wall Walk variation

120 sec REST

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