Tuesday's WOD

Friday Fright Night - Halloween Party

5:30pm Costume Contest, WOD, and catering by Salsaritas

Bring the Kids! We will have a parade to show off their costumes, games in the daycare, and snacks!

On-Ramp Starts - November 2nd

CrossFit for Community Competition- register here - November 14th. We are still looking for raffle items and athlete prizes. Contact us for more info.


4x5 - Banded KB Goblet Squat


Back Squat

  • 3x5 - warm up sets, gradually building to starting weight then:

  • 1x5@ ending 20-rep Back Squat weight

  • 1x5@ +20-30# from ending 20-rep Back Squat weight

  • 2x5@ building to a new 5RM

**Athletes will complete their warm up sets gradually building in weight to where they ended their 20-rep back squat. They will then complete a set of 5 reps at their ending 20-rep weight, add approx 20-30# and complete another set of 5, then take 2 additional sets to build to a new 5RM. Recent On-Ramp grads or athletes that did not complete the 20-rep program, will complete 4 sets of 5 reps working toward a moderate to challenging 5-rep weight where form is near perfect. Athletes should record their 5RM weight for later use.


10 min AMRAP:

30 Double Unders / 60 Singles

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

NOTES: Score Time and record wall ball weight.

Accessory Work:


15/12 Cal Bike

10 GHD Sit-ups or 20 AbMat Sit-ups

1 Rope Climb or 3 Strict Pull-ups

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